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physical therapy

Meet Dr. B

Billy Jean King said, “Pressure is a Privilege”. Well, I believe “Physical Therapy is a Privilege”…it is a privilege that everyday people invite us into their lives on such a personal level to help lead and guide them through what can be a tough journey. I enjoy offering the most advanced techniques and combining my manual therapy and sports specialties to achieve my patients goals.”

Melissa Baudo Physical Therapist Atlanta
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Tennis Injuries

Treatment of tennis related injuries and progression of the tennis athlete to optimal health and performance on and off the court.  

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Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Women's Health

Treatment focuses on restoring balance in the musculoskeletal system for post-partum women to enhance strength, core control, and to reduce pain. 

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Couple Running

Running Injuries  & Sports Rehab

Treatment of all sports and running related injuries for athletes and runners at any level and age. A comprehensive evaluation including Video Gait Analysis, Functional Movement Screen, Redcord Weak Link Testing is performed for each athlete in order to get them back doing what they love quickly and safely.

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