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Running Injuries

Running related injuries are very common and often caused by overuse, training errors, equipment errors, muscle asymmetry and weakness, and poor running mechanics. Gait Analysis focuses on the treatment of running related injuries, injury prevention, and progression of the runner to optimal health and performance.


My goal has been to create the most effective method to treating running-related injuries by fusing my clinical and evidence-based knowledge with manual therapy techniques, Pilates-based and Redcord neuromotor control exercise, flexibility and strengthening in order to restore function.  


I implement a comprehensive, holistic and integrative approach to running injuries in order to heal your running-related musculoskeletal injuries, pain, and dysfunction. With Dr. Baudo's knowledge and expertise in running, her focus is not only on the treatment of the specific injury, but will also identify the cause of injury and implement a plan for injury prevention.  Often the root cause of a running injury is within the athlete's kinetic chain. Weak links in the kinetic chain negatively affect force production, causes overuse of specific muscles, and overloads the tissues and joints abnormally resulting in injury.  


Dr. Baudo utilizes various manual therapy techniques, Redcord and The Neurac Method, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Pilates-based exercise, stretching, strengthening, taping, and bracing, which may be implemented in your treatment. 

Come experience the difference in Physical Therapy and book your appointment today so I can help you get back to running quickly! 

experience the difference in Running 

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