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Melissa Baudo performing physical therapy on Redcord with Shane Battier

Sports Rehab

experience the difference in Sports physical therapy

Dr. Baudo draws her Sports Medicine experience from working with youth, recreational, collegiate, and professional athletes. Weekend warriors and professional athletes alike are treated with the most up to date techniques to help them get back in the game quickly and safely.


Sports Physical Therapy includes injury prevention, treatment of sports injuries and progression of the athlete to optimal performance, advice on the use of protective devices, taping and braces. Dr. Baudo collaborates with the athlete’s coaches, trainers, parents, and other medical professionals to provide a team approach to the athlete’s care. Transition back to sport or training is facilitated by the physical therapist and their vast resources both within the facility and community for coaching, personal training and continued wellness.


A majority of sports injuries are from overuse; treatment includes a careful approach to identify all of the contributing factors. A comprehensive understanding of biomechanics and kinesiology plays an important role in the evaluation and treatment of sports injuries. On the field experience combined with superior clinical skills in a nurturing, professional setting, allows the athlete to return sport ready to perform at the highest level.


I implement a comprehensive, integrative, and unique approach to Sports Physical Therapy in order to heal your sport-related injuries, pain, and dysfunction. With Dr. Baudo's knowledge and expertise, her focus is not only on the treatment of the specific injury, but will also identify the cause of pain or injury and implement a plan for prevention.  


Each treatment program is tailored to your specific needs, unique motivations, and personal goals. We look at the whole person and utilize the most up-to-date tools and techniques to effectively restore your strength, range of motion, stability and pain-free functional mobility.  Dr. Baudo utilizes various manual therapy techniques, Redcord and The Neurac Method, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Pilates-based exercise, stretching, strengthening, taping, and bracing, which may be implemented in your treatment. Through her unique approach to physical therapy, Dr. Baudo can often get an athlete back to performing better than ever.

Come experience the difference in Physical Therapy and book your appointment today so I can help you get back to your sport quickly! 

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