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Welcome everyone! I am so pleased to finally have a website and blog where I can share the most up to date medical science with you and to inform you about what I am doing in the clinic, within the community, and out on the field or court. Along the way, I will also be sharing my own personal experiences as "being the patient". I too have my own personal struggles, like we all do. So, I get it. I want to share with you what I have learned along the way from my personal experiences, my years in school, professional development courses, and from my clinical experiences in order to help you.

Many of you know that I worked for many years on the WTA Tour traveling as one of the primary physiotherapists with the women professional tennis players. I have gleaned knowledge about treating tennis players that only that kind of experience can provide. I am forever grateful for all the practitioners and athletes I had the opportunity of working with and meeting along the way. My experiences have helped shape how I practice today. But, my knowledge expands beyond tennis, across many sports and to all athletes. Physical Therapy can be a long journey for some, it can be uncomfortable, but the effort and the journey is well worth it when we restore function so you can lead a better, more full life. I look forward to sharing knowledge and communicating with you all. So, stay tuned...

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