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Static Stretching After Running

Attention runners! Everyone is just so busy these days, especially moms. It's hard to get in any run or workout. But, if you do go for a run or find time for a quick workout, it is important that you take 3-5 minutes to stretch after your exercise. Static stretching after exercise can help enhance and maintain good tissue and joint mobility, decrease risk or muscle cramps and injury, and it just feels good! So, the next time you are out for a walk, jog, run or any workout, take a few minutes to incorporate the following 6 stretches after your activity. Hold each stretch for approximately 30 seconds. That is only 3 minutes of your time! You can do it!

Dr. Baudo Marchetti is a Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist at One on One Physical Therapy, a multidisciplinary private practice in Atlanta, Georgia, where she treats athletes of all sports, ages, and levels. She is a new mother and runner and her goal is to get back to running without pain. For nearly five years, she was a full-time sports physiotherapist for the WTA Tour and is a tennis medicine expert. She teaches a Sports Physical Therapy course and assists in teaching orthopedics within the Division of Physical Therapy at Emory University. You can contact Dr. Baudo Marchetti at or 770-500-3848. Learn more by visiting or Follow Dr. Baudo at @melissabaudo.

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