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Running With A Stroller

running with a stroller

Hey running mammas! Do you run with a stroller? Here are a few tips on how to best run with a stroller and to avoid undo stress or strain on your body while still enjoying running.

Dr. Baudo Marchetti is a Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist at One on One Physical Therapy, a multidisciplinary private practice in Atlanta, Georgia, where she treats athletes of all sports, ages, and levels. She is a new mother and runner and her goal is to get back to running without pain. For nearly five years, she was a full-time sports physiotherapist for the WTA Tour and is a tennis medicine expert. She teaches a Sports Physical Therapy course and assists in teaching orthopedics within the Division of Physical Therapy at Emory University. You can contact Dr. Baudo Marchetti at or 770-500-3848. Learn more by visiting or Follow Dr. Baudo at @melissabaudo.

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