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In 2010, I was introduced to a very unique and innovative method for physical therapy treatment called The Neurac Method, which utilizes the Redcord Suspension Workstation. People often ask me what things I have learned that have made the most impact on how I treat people in the clinic today. Neurac and Redcord was a game changer for me.

After all my time on the WTA Tour learning from some of the best practitioners in the world, I felt I was a pretty good physical therapist. I and learned a ton and felt like I was in a groove with treating my athletes. Then, I returned to Atlanta and was having trouble treating an 18 year old male javelin thrower who was struggling with elbow pain. He was sent to me by a MD who knew I worked with tennis and overhead athletes. I knew nothing about the javelin, but I knew how the body had to work to throw that stick, so I thought, let's give it a shot. Oh, and this athlete was trying for a scholarship to Harvard and no pressure!

So, I approached this athlete no differently that I had all my previous athletes. I mobilized the elbow, T spine and rib cage, I did my Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) and dry needled the abnormal tissue tone. So after several change in the elbow pain. So, I thought, I must be missing something. So, I tested his movements with the FMS (most of you know what the FMS) and he scored an 18 out of 21. He did very well, so that test didn't really help me identify the issues. I had his MD order an MRI to make sure that we weren't missing something in the elbow. MRI was normal. So, I looked around the clinic and saw these red ropes hanging from the ceiling. I had just learned how to test for weak links in the kinetic chain on the Redcord, so I thought better give it a try as nothing else was helping this kid and there is obviously nothing structurally wrong with his elbow. That was a sentinel day in my career - these ropes made me a better PT.

So, what is Redcord and The Neurac Method?

Redcord is an integrated suspension system that allows you to exercise while suspended in ropes and bungee cords. The bungee cords assist the user to move properly, which facilitate good muscle activation allowing the user to exercise pain-free. Redcord allows PTs to implement The Neurac Method, which is a comprehensive, research-based method for the examination and treatment of "weak links" and imbalances within the kinetic chain that perpetuate and cause injuries, pain and abnormal movement patterns. The kinetic chain is the successively arranged joints and the connected muscles in our body that provide force generation in order to produce movement. Do you remember that song "the hip bone is connected to the knee bone..."? Well, that song was right! In my case above, my right-handed javelin thrower was straining and stressing his right elbow because he had a "weak link" in his kinetic chain, specifically in his left adductors (inner thigh muscles). There was nothing wrong with his elbow!! I was treating the pain, not the cause!

It is common that injuries or pain that you are dealing with may be a result of deficits along the kinetic chain that may be above or below the actual location of your pain or injury. In my case above, because there was a weakness in the pelvis and legs, which are the big power producers for overhead athletes, my javelin thrower was trying to generate all that power with just his arm, which was straining his elbow. Once we restored the strength in the left hip muscles and his core muscles, over course of 4-6 visits, the pain in the elbow resolved and his throwing distance and frequency increased. Ultimately, the athlete PR'ed (Personal Redcord) in his event and earned his scholarship.

Redcord allows someone who is in pain, injured, weak, or de-conditioned to move again pain–free.

The Neurac Method aims to normalize muscle interaction by re-activating your muscles. By using the Redcord you will experience decreases in pain and stiffness, increase in strength, and improved function in less time than conventional treatment methods. Experience it today!

Dr. Melissa Baudo Marchetti, PT, DPT, SCS, MTC is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is a Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist at One on One Physical Therapy, a multidisciplinary private practice in Atlanta, GA. She teaches a Sports Physical Therapy Course and assists in teaching Orthopedics within the Division of Physical Therapy at Emory University. Dr. Baudo Marchetti also in an instructor for Redcord. Marchetti’s email address is and more information can be found at

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